Training, Coaching, Consulting, Outplacement

Success is all about people and their strengths

21st century Leaders inspire with vision, trust and passion, are authentic, honest and transparent, match talents with roles, and engage everyone in the vision of the company, because they know that members of an engaged team gladly offer their intelligence, knowledge, ideas and creativity to the team and the company. Bonnier Business Coaching supports you on your journey to 21st century leadership with Coaching, Training, Consulting and Outplacement.

Executive-Business Coaching


Executive or Business Coaching provides the structure, guidance and accountability that is needed to make a positive change toward better relations, improved performance and wellbeing.

Leadership Workshops


Leadership workshops help to create the environment for lasting change. They are team-coaching opportunities to accelerate and support any change process.

Supporting Services

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Seven Free Webinars in Q1 and Q2 2017 on Leadership Development!

On request – again – the Webinar- series Prepare for your Next Career Step.