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My Business Coaching Philosophy

Make corporate life a better place to be.

In 2011 I decided to make a change, step out of my business career of 27 years in global organisations and offer my services as executive coach, team coach and workshop moderator to business leaders and their teams to make corporate life a better place to be.

Although, at that time, I knew the world was already full of coaches offering their services, I strongly believed I could make a difference as executive and business coach, using my experience as a leader in senior positions in different global companies, and focussing on 21st century leadership.

Time has proved me right

In my opinion Business Coaching is a specialism that needs more than a six-month course in executive coaching, despite the certificate. Research has shown that experience in senior positions and a track record of delivering results is top of the list in the search for a suitable executive coach.

Most leaders, looking for a Business Coach, do not want to be ‘fixed’. They are proud of who they are and what they have achieved and they should be.

My experience

In my experience it are the business results, the team performance, the lack of personal or career development that keep leaders awake at night and it are these worries that they want to share with a sparring partner. A sparring partner, an executive or business coach, who understands what they are talking about and what pressure they are under, who has been in same situations and who listens in trust and with respect, knowledge and experience, understanding the issues at hand from the inside out.

This is the moment

Only then, when Leaders feel that the serious issues at hand and the future impact are fully understood by the business coach, and seldom earlier, leaders are willing to ‘fully open up’ and reflect on ‘their role in the game’, their behaviour and thinking. This is the moment when they are willing to reflect on their limiting thoughts. And what is stopping them from using the wealth of talents, ideas, knowledge and experience of others, their employees and peers.

The willingness to work on trust

This is the moment they grasp that their employees can make the difference, not their products or services. This is start of behavior change, the willingness to work on trust, appreciation, transparency and authenticity. From then on, leaders slowly create an environment where engagement can flourish, where diversity in ideas, gender, age and culture is welcomed and where people are willing to offer their intelligence, experience and creativity to the team and the company.

Success is all about people and their strengths, the strengths of the leader, the strengths of all individuals and the strengths of the team.

Transparent and honest

Therefore 21st century leaders should dare to be authentic, transparent and honest, be willing to trust, listen to and appreciate all people around them, show collaboration and use the power of the collectives brains as the only way forward.

Joanita Bonnier 

Executive Business Coach

You might not be able to change the world,

You might not be able change the organisation,

but surely you can help to change what is within your control:

the engagement, passion, happiness, creativity and success of your team

and of all other people around you.