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Find the root cause

‘Her great listening and understanding, in combination with her intuition, curiosity and determination, helped me to find the root cause of my problems.’ Read more…

Executive & Business Coaching

Leaders have to demonstrate their ability to learn and adapt through experiences and challenges in an ever changing and demanding global economy.

On top, leaders have to show vision, great communication and listening skills, ability to create an environment where employees are fully engaged, attract and develop talents and demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence.

Leaders need help climbing the career ladder. In today’s extremely competitive world, it takes at least twice as long to reach career goals without a sponsor or mentor. But that is still not enough.

Learning, adapting, active listening, communicating, personal interactions, changing behaviour are all activities that demand slow thinking, reflection, full focus, attention and so-called ‘open awareness’ and above all …time.

Many leaders have tried to find time in their busy daily schedule to spend on personal development and behavioural change and only few succeeded on their own.

Hiring a Executive or Business Coach could give you the structure, guidance, support and accountability that is needed to make this positive change towards better relations, improved performance and wellbeing.

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Why hire a business coach?

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Research has shown that 70-80% of leaders see the benefit of having an Executive or Business Coach, while only 25-35% had the opportunity to benefit from this experience.

Neuroscience-based coaching

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Understanding the basics of the working of the brain dramatically enhances our understanding of how we – human beings – work, think, feel & behave.