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Leadership Retreat for Leadership Teams

In our 24/7 economy we believe we have no time to lose. We cannot afford to take time to ‘slow down’, ‘think slow’ or ‘go with the flow’ to make room for creativity and new ideas. Therefore we decide to retreat with our leadership team twice a year to find inspiration, motivation, new ideas, new solutions, real personal development or better collaboration.

For Team Leaders

We decide to spend time away from the office in the hope the disconnection with the daily demands will free our minds. However, pressed for time and efficiency, we end up in hotels near airports where we have to lock the windows to keep the noise out and we go through 200-400 slides to get everyone on board. Coming back at the office, all go back to their daily tasks and nothing has changed.

If you recognise this story and you really want to use these bi-yearly events to free the mind and open it up for new ideas and opportunities, make a change with your team and consider a Business Leadership Retreat in the countryside, moderated by an experienced leadership-team coach.

You as the leader can fully participate in all discussions, since the organisation and moderation of the days, completely in line with your objectives for this retreat, will be taken care of.

Take your bi-yearly retreats as serious as your holidays. Plan them in advance and let nothing get in their way. They are the moments to connect, recharge, get inspiration, get motivation and come up with creative ideas and new solutions.

Consider for example of a Leadership Retreat in Le Marche, Italy, for a limited sized Leadership team.

The Villa is a luxurious resort, with 5 bedrooms and 7 beds, with excellent service, a marvellous view and guaranteed stress-free. More information on Villa DellaValle